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Information on data protection in connection with the processing of electronic vouchers

Blackhawk Network (Europe) Limited ("Blackhawk" or "we") takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. The following statement will tell you which personal data are collected and processed on the iTunes Value Add Portal (“Portal”) for the purposes of processing electronic vouchers.

1. Subject matter of this privacy statement

This privacy statement applies exclusively to the processing of electronic vouchers and to communication on the Portal.

A valid email address must be provided for requests for an electronic voucher or to process a customer enquiry; further personal information is optional. The data are processed exclusively for this purpose by Blackhawk Network Inc., 6220 Stonridge Mall Rd, Pleasanton, CA 94588, or by its affiliated undertakings, in the USA and are stored for a maximum of 45 days. The data stored by Blackhawk Network are not linked with any other data sources and no data are disclosed to any third parties outside the scope of application of European data protection law.

This process is explained to you in more detail in this statement on data protection in connection with the processing of electronic vouchers.

2. Data controller

The data controller within the meaning of the Federal Data Protection Act is us, Blackhawk Network (Europe) Limited, 40 Bernard Street, WC1N 1LE, London, England.

Please address any questions regarding data protection by email to our data protection officer ( You can also write to this address at any time to obtain or change your stored data or to have them deleted.

3. Data obtained

Your email address, IP address and certain browser settings are recorded during the use of the Portal and transmitted to the server of Blackhawk Network in the USA.

The transmission of the email address serves exclusively to send an electronic voucher for the purposes of the campaign or to process your customer enquiry. Any further personal data are optional and need therefore not be provided on the Portal.

The browser used by you allows a multitude of different settings. It is possible, for example, to individually determine which plug-ins are installed on your browser and which font types are to be used. In addition, various settings are available for browsing as such and for the transmission of data through the browser. The spectrum of different settings for a modern browser is so great that, according to studies, over 90% of the browsers used can be unmistakeably identified.

The IP address is the distinct label assigned by your internet provider to your computer, valid throughout the world, and currently still consists in most cases of four octets of the address expressed individually in numbers and separated by periods (IPv4). You as a private user will generally not always use the same IP address, as the IP address is assigned to you by the provider only temporarily (so-called "dynamic IP address"). Where an IP address is permanently assigned (so-called "static IP address"), this feature makes it possible in principle to clearly identify the user. The modern IPv6 address consists of eight blocks with four numbers each. Unless otherwise shown in your operating system, the last three blocks of the IPv6 address are identical with the MAC address of your computer/smartphone/tablet. This MAC address is always unique in the world.

If you do not know whether your address is an IPv4 or IPv6 address or whether your IP address is dynamic or static, you can ask your internet provider.

4. Storage of the data obtained

The data obtained by Blackhawk are stored at three locations (Boyers, Pennsylvania; Kansas City, Missouri; Richardson, Texas) in the USA and entirely deleted after 90 days. Please write to the data protection officer of Blackhawk at if you wish to obtain or change your stored data or to have them prematurely deleted.

Apart from the data referred to in 3. above, no further personal data are stored. Therefore no detailed personality profile is created through any linkage between the data on your PC including your browser settings and other data.

Blackhawk uses the data exclusively for the purpose of sending the electronic voucher or to react to your customer enquiry and will in no case pass the data on to anyone else unless required to do so by law or administrative order.

5. Risk of data transfer to the USA

We must inform you that the general standard of data protection in America is not as high as the European standards. Blackhawk keeps entirely within the safe confines of European data protection. Where Blackhawk is not bound by European data protection law, situations are conceivable in which rights commonly enjoyed under European data protection law may not be enforceable in America, e.g. information rights regarding the stored data or rights to demand the deletion of data no longer needed.

6. Deletion of data

All stored data are deleted after 90 days.

7. Revocation of consent

You are free in principle to revoke your consent under data protection law at any time with effect for the future. However, it may be possible that the agreement on the electronic voucher can no longer be fulfilled after the revocation. To revoke the consent given by you under data protection law, it suffices to send an email stating so to:

8. Amendment of this privacy statement

Blackhawk reserves the right to amend this privacy statement in accordance with any future changes in the use of your personal data. This will have no effect on the declarations already made by you.

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